Mobile Device Management Software

Mobile Device Management Software

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Tele-Watch, is our proprietary mobile device management software for mobile phone management. With mobile device management becoming a growing concern, customized reporting is more important to organizations now, more than ever. The ability to quickly have anywhere access to your costs whether it be across carrier, geographic location, cost center, or simply a department, Tele-Watch gives you this flexibility and so much more. But this reporting system isn’t about creating more work – it’s about taking the data you need and ripping away all the fluff. Saving you valuable time and resources. With Tele-Watch, managing your communications has never been easier.

 I really can’t tell you enough how impressed I’ve been with GILL. You’ve reduced the amount of daily headaches I have by a LOT.

Ryan – Minacs


5 Mobile Expense Reports you’ll benefit from immediately;

  • Usage Alerts – attention directed to each user
  • Top 10 Users Report – By Type Of Usage (i.e. evening, weekend, data, etc)
  • Cost Center Reporting – Cross Carrier and Geography
  • Manager or Team Segregation
  • Snapshot of “All” Costs, “All” Carriers and “All” Locations

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Software Tour

Hi-lighting a few of the great capabilities of Tele-Watch, you can quickly see how point and click intuitive reporting will change mobile device management systems forever. To arrange a personalized demo of the software, simply register for a free 30 day trial. Our ClientCare team will walk you through each step of the software. (Video about 7 min)


Who will benefit from Tele-Watch Mobile Device Management Software?

Companies who benefit most from Mobile Device Management Software often have one or more of the following challenges:

  • Increasing Costs
  • Multiple carrier relationships
  • Multiple locations, departments
  • Multiple cost centers
  • Significant mobile fleets (>10 units, more is better)
  • Monthly labor intensive reporting requirements (excel is your evil friend)
  • Rising data costs
  • Tracking of dead assets

Tele-Watch resolves these challenges and more. Through compiling all of your communication costs, regardless of carrier, location, or account into one complete picture.

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