Mobile Phone Policy Support And Procurement

One of the greatest frustrations for businesses when it comes to mobile expense management is dealing with the carrier themselves.

Handling support issues, billing errors, or even ordering of new mobile devices, can be challenging enough to generate thoughts of changing providers. Unfortunately the problem is usually not carrier specific, but rather client specific. Simply put, businesses have unique requirements, which are difficult for large carriers to facilitate cost effectively.

This is where our “ClientCare” team can forever change how you manage your communications. Beginning with a mobile phone policy and ClientCare as a single point of contact we become your filter to the carrier, your one place to call regardless of location, need, or carrier.

Utilizing ClientCare simply saves time, money and aggravation. Through Email, or Phone requests, ClientCare goes to work on your behalf. Very quickly we get to know your users, your requirements, your mobile phone policy and as a result managing your communications day-to-day needs, becomes effortless.

ClientCare Process

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Engaging ClientCare

  1. Phone or email request
  2. Mobile Phone Policy adherence, ClientCare goes to work
  3. Working with your users and your vendors (This can even include travel agents)
  4. Resolution documented and communicated to your proper team members

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Tasks ClientCare Will Handle:

  • User Support
  • Technical Support
  • Move, add, changes, deletes (MACD)
  • Account Level Support and Changes
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Hardware Policy Management
  • Plan Optimization Changes
  • Billing Errors and Credits
  • Travel Plans and Applicable Plan Changes (i.e. Roaming)
  • All Carriers, All Locations – 1 Place to Call!

Aberdeen’s research shows that escalating spending with carriers and costs to support devices are driving 73% of enterprises surveyed to implement programs for wireless expenses management.
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