Ontario’s Ban on Handheld Phones in Cars Starts October 26th – Let Us Help You with Our Bluetooth Special!

Mark October 26th, 2009 on your calendar, because that’s the date where you’ll no longer be able to use a handheld mobile phone in your car. This will have a major impact if your sales and service staff or other personnel are expected to keep in touch on the road. They need the tools to talk to you without breaking the law.

Fortunately, our ClientCare procurement staff has picked hardware that will help you switch to hands free calling (which is still permitted) while keeping your costs down. This is the kind of Cellular customer service we routinely offer to our clients. The law represents such a big shift that we’d like to share our advice with the public, along with a special offer.

To help you update your mobile fleet we’re offering a special price of $39.95 on the following headsets:

  • Motorola H500


  • Nokia b101


  • Samsung wep450

Samsung WEP450

We’re also offering the Samsung HKT450 Visor Mount for just $69.99

Samsung Visor

This offer expires on December 6th, 2009

This is a small part of our procurement services. ClientCare can help you perform virtually any upgrade within your budget, and we provide ongoing tech support for all of the hardware we manage. Call us to get started – and drive safely!