Reverse 411 Phone Number Look Up Charges

EIiminate 411 Phone Number Look Up Charges

I can’t recall who, but someone (famously rich I believe) once said "count your pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves". Truly great words, and frankly when we’re speaking of 411 charges, we’re not just talking pennies! In fact some cell phone companies charge as much as $2.50 per single 411 directory search. The sad part of all of this, is the information you get is limited (just the number) and is fully available for free if you tap into the right strategy based on your current plan and features.


Three Strategies to Eliminate or Reduce This Cost


In this video we discuss three separate strategies, which can either eliminate this cost or almost eliminate the cost depending on the strategy you deploy. As this week’s Tip of the Week, we would appreciate any comments you might have. If you have any topics you would like discussed in the future, just let us know in the comment box.




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Hello Everyone, George Gill here from GILL Technologies and welcome back to our telecom expense management Tip of the week!

You know I was just staring at this old poster of the Apollo landing on the moon and I have to imagine that what were people thinking back then you know about technology and how far they’ve come and everything that was achieved and I had to think that people had to think to themselves you know, what else can we do, this is the max, we’ve put somebody on the moon we’ve hit the cap, you know what else could we possibly do? And then you look at us today and we say, wow! Look where technology is today so pretty interesting, you know how things unfolded and and it’s even more interesting to understand where we’ll be tomorrow. Okay, enough, enough of reminiscing about the past lets talk about today and how we can save some money on the utilizing telecom expense management essentially.

Ok, lets talk today about 411 costs. Why do we want to talk about 411 costs well really there’s a couple reasons, but the biggest one is costs. The cost of a 411 call on average is upwards of 200, not 200 sorry $2.50 per 411 call plus air time so there is this huge cost that’s being incurred by companies and their users in dialing 411. Now if we take that $2.50 plus airtime and we amortize that over a period of a month and than let’s say for example you make 10- 411 calls, and you have a hundred users that do the same, your bill just went up by $2500 so pretty extreme what a 411 small charge can do.

Then there’s not just the cost aspect, but there’s also the efficiency aspect there’s just far better ways to deal with 411 service or getting a number that you need when you’re mobile. So lets talk about those, there is really three areas that were going to talk about or strategies to reduce that cost and make yourself more efficient. Ok, so the first one, lets talk about voice, currently today you could call Google 411 that’s 1-800-600-6411 and for free get a number listing, well when I say free, you will still have your airtime charges, but there will not be a surcharge for that 411. Now I do have to put a little disclaimer in there in the aspect that Google says that service will be ending in November of this year so if it does end well it’s one strategy that’s gone, but today you can make use of that and be saving those costs, and of course and of course reduce your overall telecom expense bill.

Lets talk about the second strategy, today smart phones are becoming massively distributed so lots of people are getting the smart phone bandwagon or Blackberry as a solution and in that situation most those people have data plans. Well what’s stopping you from downloading a free 411 application that you can search anywhere and get the information not only the phone number, but address and company information website. Whenever you need essentially from that 411 search far more then what you would get using a 411 directory assistance call and you’re getting that at your leisure on your phone. So that’s a great strategy, if you have a smart phone and you have a data plan, because there’s literally zero cost if you get a 411 app. Or some sort of 411 app that all allow you to get that information.

Ok, the final strategy is utilization of text now I’ll mention two different services here, one is ASK411. That’s texting 275411 this is a great solution if you don’t have a data plan, but you have text messaging included in your in your phone service or even if you don’t, and you’re paying $.15 per text in some cases sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. This is a very cost-effective solution. Utilizing ASK411, which is 275411. You text in the city, state/province/name that you’re looking for and within a few seconds you get a text back with that information that you need. Now the service does have a fee for it in the US is $.30 per search or $.50 in Canada so literally a 400% savings over your $2.50 charge for directory assistance 411. Or another solution, which is one that I use that is text in Google for free. So 466453 Text in again state, city, and name that you’re looking for and within seconds you’ll get back the information that you are looking for and that’s for free! All its costing you there is either a text message, unless you have a text messaging bundle in which case your cost is zero.

So some great options there for reducing 411 costs on your current cell phones, and I hope that’s been a benefit to you and tune and come back every week were going to be putting a telecom expense management Tip of the week or even better subscribe to our blog and you’ll get this information as it lands every week. I’m George Gill from GILL Technologies, and that’s your Tip of the week! [/DDET]


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