Seasonal Businesses Cancel Active Cell Phones

Mobile Management Strategy – Cancel Active Cell Phones

Is your business seasonal? Do you have slower times of the year which extend for 2 months or more at a time? For many businesses this is the case, and as part of mobile management dealing with these slower periods of the year can be critical to cost savings. As an expense management strategy consider if you should continue to pay full price for these phones.




Before we look at strategies to reduce costs through canceling active cell phones, we need to consider that sometimes it is advantageous to keep phones active even if they are not being used. For example, if they are contributing to a pooled group of minutes, or if they have a plan that is no longer active and would have to be replaced by a considerably more expensive option, then it may be best to do nothing. Don’t take this lightly. Some old plans which are no longer available are rock solid, and canceling those units means access to those plans is gone forever!

However, for many businesses there are several options for ways to reduce wireless costs during slow seasons. Here are a few top choices when considering canceling active mobile devices;

  • Some carriers offer the ability to cancel some contracted units without penalty. The trick is ask (even several times!!)
  • Cancel and incur any possible early termination fees (sometimes the math just works)
  • Reduce to cheapest available plan*
  • Put units on “vacation disconnect”, or emergency plans cost $10-20 and sometimes offer 20 or 30 minutes usage per month.*
  • Remove any paid features
  • Reuse an existing contract for a new user – you can change the number on the unit without renewing the contract
  • Re-purpose the line/contract. For example, if another user needs a data device use an existing unused number to attach to a data device plan.


These are a few top strategies you can incorporate. But don’t forget the critical component is to consider your entire fleet when making any of these decisions and not just the individual unit.

We’d love to hear how your organization deals with slower periods of the year or seasonal businesses. Leave us a comment below on effective strategies you’ve employed or horror stories from the action. All the best!


  1. RT @Tele_Watch: Seasonal Businesses Cancel Active Cell Phones

  2. RT @Tele_Watch: Seasonal Businesses Cancel Active Cell Phones

  3. RT @Tele_Watch: Seasonal Businesses Cancel Active Cell Phones