Setting up Wi-Fi at Home for your Blackberry

Have You Set-Up Your Wi-Fi at Home for Your Blackberry?


Most of us have wireless networks set up at home that allow us to connect our laptops, game systems and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.

 Most newer models of BlackBerries have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks too (some capable models include the Curve 8520 & 9300, the Bold 9000 & 9700 series, and the Torch 9800),  however –  since most of us have data plans, what is the benefit of connecting to a Wi-Fi network at home?


Connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot is supposed to give you better speed than on your mobile network. This would be particularly true if you happen to live in a dead zone, or you don’t get a good signal where you are comfortably sitting. Also any data that you use on the Wi-Fi network does not count as usage in your phone’s data plan, a particularly good idea if you are planning to stream or download anything onto your phone or are just concerned about your mobile management.


Before you start, make sure that you have the password for your home network.

  • In your Menu, go to  Set Up Wi-Fi.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Scan For Networks. (If it prompts you, click Turn Wi-Fi on)
  • It should populate a list, and from that list select the network you are trying to connect to.
  • Enter the password for the network when it prompts, then hit Connect.
  • If you want to  save the Wi-Fi network connection as a profile, click "Yes" in the Save this Wi-Fi Network as a Profile field. (Note: Your BlackBerry  can connect to a Wi-Fi network without saving the  network as a profile. However, each time you want to connect to that network, you  will  have to go through the  Set Up Wi-Fi procedure.)
  • Put in a name for the network in the Profile Name field and hit next.
  • Click Finish and you have successfully connected to the network.



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