Remote Call Forwarding for Business

Remote call forwarding is a convenient feature offered by virtually every major carrier in Canada and the US. It does exactly what it sounds like it does: relays your call from one number to another.  Prices change from carrier to carrier but in general, it’s an economical choice within a bigger telecom cost audit strategy.

Our clients use remote call forwarding for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these to show you the possibilities:

“I am moving my office and can’t keep the same phone number.”

This is a common concern for our clients when they’re strongly associated with a given phone number due to extensive marketing or long time tradition. Use remote call forwarding to keep your original number as the destination for callers, but pick up from your new number.

“I do business in multiple regions, but I can only be in one place at a time.”

Some of our clients have multiple mailing addresses and contact points but prefer to receive their calls in one location, saving on operations costs and keeping customer relations under one roof. Remote call forwarding can consolidate your calls across multiple numbers to reach a single response point.


To set up call forwarding, call your carrier. If you’re a GILL Technologies client, ClientCare will not only do this for you but handle any other requests. You never have to wait on hold with a carrier. Contact us to get started.