Telecom Management: Perfecting a Medium

Welcome – and welcome back! This entry marks the official inauguration of our site revamp. Thanks to sister company GILL Media we have a new virtual home. Our web presence is part of the bigger picture of communications management. Like any other aspect of our business, we’re always reevaluating and refining how we do things.

One insight we’ve learned from this is that an office is a multifaceted communications environment. This applies to the medium and the message. Even in a world where you’re immersed in networked communications, we know there are times where traditional telephony is your first (though by no means your only) choice. It’s not just a matter of nuts-and-bolts convenience; it’s about style, too. You might love texting, for instance, but when you want to convey a certain message, there are times a pure, unembellished voice is the only way to go.

Similarly, our site provides a comprehensive introduction to what we do, but the web demands more: dynamic, concise content that relays the basic facts in a conversational tone. That’s what this blog is about.

Our watchwords – Visibility, Accountability and Simplicity – go beyond technique. We know that every communications medium you use is an essential social channel. Each one needs to be reliable, cost-effective and constantly evolving to fit its niche. When you have a Visible, managed telecom system, your conversations aren’t tinged with anxiety over unanticipated expenses. You don’t need to guess at remaining minutes and charges. Accountability shows you the most efficient tools for a particular department, and the Simplicity of single-point customer service keeps you focused on the job – not on billing and technical issues.