Tele-Watch Charts and Graphs

Mobile Expense Management Charts & Graphs

A great way to get a view of what is happening with your mobile expense management is the Tele-Watch Charts and Graphs report.  It allows you to see a quick visual representation of wireless expenses.


The report brings up several comparisons of different aspects of mobile billing.

The Cost Comparison section has two parts, the first section of the chart provides a comparison to the previous month’s Cost and Usage and Cost Per Minute values.  Long distance and roaming are shown as they are key contributors to increases and decreases in cost. This section specifically compares “apples to apples” –

ie: 108 units from last month compared to the same 108 units from this month.

The second section of the chart compares billing for all units in the current month compared to the previous month.  The values for Usage, Cost and Average Cost Per Unit are easily compared, and again long distance and roaming are listed as key contributors to fluctuations in cost.


The Usage Graphs provide an easy visual of trending.  This can be especially helpful in seeing patterns of usage for both voice and data spanning the last 12 months.

The last graph shows the minutes of usage with a comparison to the cost for each of the last 12 months, and can give a quick grasp of wireless expense trending.

Seeing and understanding Usage Trends and patterns assists with better control.


When you are looking for a clear visual representation of your organization’s mobile expense management, the Charts and Graphs Report section in Tele-Watch is what you need to see.


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