Tele-Watch Communication Snapshot Report

Tele-Watch Has A Report For That!



Just need to know how much you spent on mobile costs without sifting though bills, compiling complicated spreadsheets, and spending hours wanting to rip your hair out?


Tele-Watch has a report for that!


The Communication Snapshot report is a summary report of all wireless accounts in one place.

Each month’s billing is uploaded, and reports two bill totals for each account.

  • The first total – Current Monthly Spend (Less one time charges) – is a representation of communication costs, and excludes things like hardware charges, administrative (cancellation or activation) fees, and late payment charges.  This figure is a more accurate value of mobile costs as it represents the plans and consumption used in a month.
  • The second bill total matches the actual total of your carrier bill including monthly fees, usage, hardware, and administrative charges.


The report shows year to date values for mobile expenses, and will continue to include and report on accounts which may have been cancelled or ported to another carrier at some point during the year, therefore always showing a true representation of to date charges.


Don’t waste time digging through papers and hunting through spreadsheets.

Get the information you need for mobile expense management in one place with a few clicks in Tele-Watch.


Our Tele-Watch Communications Management Software Solution – goes beyond the standards of Wireless Expense Management Reporting.

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