Accountability breeds response-ability.
Stephen R. Covey

Saving money through plan optimization and cost audit is simply the first step. Your company can experience greater savings and greater control by getting information in the hands of those that need it while controlling growth and capital costs. Let’s explore this process:

Step 1 – The Telecom Audit

Beginning with a Telecom Audit, you immediately reduce your communication costs 20% to 50%. The best part is during your FREE Trial you’ll learn exactly what savings you can expect. This is a very quick process, so savings are realized sooner, rather than later.

Customers…experienced savings of 15% to 27%” – Aberdeen Group

Step 2- Telecom Expense Management

Once savings are implemented Telecom Expense Management begins. This monthly (quarterly and annual options available) auditing and plan optimization ensures that you’re always in the best shape possible.


Step 3 – A 360 degree Solution

Utilizing Tele-Watch, our Telecom Expense Management Software Service to drive monthly cost information to the people that should have it. In fact we encourage right to the user level and it is all configurable based on your needs. Simply assign managers, executives, accounting or any team or individual you want to have access to the controlled numbers. It’s pretty powerful stuff when an organization has visibility into its real costs.

Hardware Procurement and Policy Management can not only supply the devices anywhere in North America, but manage the procurement policy you have in place with simplicity. If you don’t have a Procurement Policy – we can help you set one up that matches your communications strategy.

Policy Management

The accountability generated through our 360° Solution generates not just savings, but improvements in efficiencies, and saves time on resources!

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