Telecom Expense Management for Small Businesses – Part 3

Single Point of Contact Support and Procurement

In part-3 of this 3 part series focusing on telecom expense management for small business, we look at single point of contact support and procurement. Dealing with the carriers can be especially challenging for small business as they are stuck between being treated like a consumer by the carriers, yet trying to run a company much like a mid size or larger business.

Therefore understanding how a single contact point where a small business can channel all of their communication needs can be extremely beneficial. Discover just a few ways outsourcing communication management support even for the small guy – is a good move.





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Hello Everyone, George Gill her From GILL Technologies welcome back to our part three of our telecom expense management for small businesses.

I want to thank you for taking the time to join me and I also want to encourage you if you’re a small business to go to our site www.gill- as displayed here on the screen and sign up for free analysis getting an analysis of your current billing to see what we can save you, it doesn’t cost you a thing the risk is all on us and certainly if you can save some money why not. Okay so get back and summarize where we’ve gone in part one and part two. Part one we spoke about the cost off process and the benefit for a small business. If you haven’t seen that please click on the video that that will explain the cost audit benefits to small business and in part two we talk more about the management and recording and how that essentially speeds up your time and your ability to see where you’re at and where you’re going. So if you havent seen that video please click on that video management reporting part two, telecom expense management and now today were going to talk about single point of contact. Okay so when we talk a single point of contact, again for midsize companies or larger it’s really easy to talk about some of the benefits such as procurement policies, streamlining processes, enforcing policies, to centralize the management of your communications, but that probably the number one benefit to a single point of contact support and procurement for small business is eliminating the frustration, ok now when we talk about frustration were talking about frustration in dealing with the management of your communications specifically in dealing with the carriers. So what are some problems you might have and the reasons why you might need to speak to a carrier? Ok there is a lot of them but what we find most for small businesses the reasons why they’re calling carriers are such things as problems with their bill, are problems with your phone, problems with the service unable to understand the technology, they want and how to help, problem with their account, they need a new phone, they need to upgrade a phone, they may need to change maybe a username on an account of the biggest one of course is understanding how to, how I take advantage of these features and how I make this happen. So these are some of the common reasons why you might need to speak to a carrier or dealership to get support with single point of contact what were eliminating for that small businesses and eliminating from that frustration are such things as sitting on hold. You know very often we talk to businesses that are frustrated of calling into a carrier and every time they call in there on hold for 15 minutes or they get transferred three or four times so there’s that, that resource being taken up just literally wasting time essentially. Re-explaining yourself, you know the customer verification process I just verified my account you told me to test something and call you back. I got to verify my account again and that’s a 10 minute process so that not really understanding that hey I’m a customer or this top-secret proof that you know you’re a customer and the only way we can help you with that problem with your voicemail is if you verify your account. Well frankly why would I want to tap intoor steal or do something devious with my account from telling you my voice mail was not working, its pretty basic but anyways, resources to deal with all of these to these challenges, so when Bob’s phone is broken and maybe Bob isn’t the most technology advance kind a guy and he needs Sarah call in for him now your taking up two resources within your company to deal with is one issue this one very small issue. Inconsistent answers, you know we often that we often laugh about the carriers being very similar to some government agencies where you need to call three times because you need to put the three answers together to try and figure out what the real answer is and sadly that happens a lot with the carriers. And then finally consequences, consequences of doing an action with the carrier and the carrier not really understanding your whole business and for example maybe you added text messaging to your, your cell phone and in turn it lost your voicemail and you call back the carrier upset and they say well you told us to add that text messaging feature bundle and that removes your other one which had voicemail and… you didnt think to tell me that, so the consequences of making any small changes can dramatically affect your your account or or usage and all of a sudden you’re wasting more time. So, biggest benefit for small businesses when it comes to single point of contact support and by far what we hear consistently is eliminating that frustration of dealing with the carriers and in handling the issues that come up on a day by day basis with your business communications. Now what I want you to do is enter down below here in the comments tell me what your frustrations are in your business we would love to hear from you, we would love to hear of what we’ve heard in the past is the biggest challenges that you’ve had with the carrier tell us about it and fill out the form subscribe to our channel, we’re going to be posting a lot more great videos here to try and help you out and benefit your business so we want to make sure we get that information out to you as soon as possible. I’m George Gill from GILL Technologies and thank you for joining me. [/DDET]


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