Visibility is the Ability to Easily Access Information

In fact our customers told us what they needed to see – then we gave it to them. Some of the key capabilities demanded of our telecom expense management software (it’s so much more) are;

  • The interface must be fast and intuitive
  • Data must have current month information not old outdated billing
  • Segregation capability based on our company’s setup (i.e. cost centers, teams, departments)
  • It must encompass all of our carrriers and accounts seamlessly
  • The right people need the appropriate access to the information
  • Alerts need to be pushed in our face so it remains top of mind

Never enter a spreadsheet breakout again, never filter through pages of billing, in fact never wonder what the numbers are. This is what Tele-Watch gives you!
The bill (all carrier invoicing is processed into Tele-Watch) based on your setup is made available and pushed to those teams and individuals that need to be aware of the data.


Visibility Layout


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