Text Messaging – Are you covered?

Did you notice any increased charges on your mobile billing lately?


Text messaging has gotten a little more expensive on two of the big Canadian three.

Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless have now begun to charge $0.20 for text messaging outside of a text plan.

That means anyone who does not have text messaging included with their cell phone plan or as an added feature, or anyone who exceeds their number of allowed sent messages will be paying $0.20 for each text message.


This adds up quickly!

  • 25 messages with no plan; will cost the same price as adding a $5 text bundle, that will allow for 250 sent messages and unlimited received messages.
  • Sending that same 250 messages at the pay-per-use rate will cost $50!
  • Well worth the $5 that a feature would cost and potentially saving $45!


The $0.20 text rate is of course for texting within Canada. If you are sending messages to people outside of Canada, or sending messages while you are travelling outside of Canada, carriers charge increased fees.

  • Sending messages to the US and international destinations can cost up to $0.35 / message
  • Sending a message while travelling in another country can cost up to $0.75 / message


Fortunately, most of the carriers also have features, add-ons and travel packs that will reduce the per message charge, or give an allowance of messages for a flat fee.

There are also many cell phone plan bundles that will include text messaging with your Caller ID, Voicemail and other features that often provide excellent savings, and are well worth the time to investigate.


Options with the carriers are constantly changing to accommodate emerging trends in communication; be sure to check with you carrier’s offerings frequently to find ways to reduce your mobile expenses.


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