Text messaging – Are you covered?

Rogers is Increasing the Price to TEXT in March 2011!!

Rogers has begun to notify their customers of their latest price increase, and many are speculating that the other carriers are likely to follow suit in the very near future.  Just a nickle some say… but we all know how fast those nickles can add up… 


Effective March 16, 2011 the cost of sending a pay-per-use text message on Rogers will increase from $0.15 to $0.20  for each sent and received message.


The new rate will not affect you if you have a text plan and do not send more text’s than are allotted in your plan, however, for users without a plan, or who might use more messages than are included with your plan, it is time to evaluate your text usage more carefully.


Rogers currently has text packages starting at $3 which include unlimited received messages.

  • $3 Text package offers 30 messages
  • $5 Text package offers 250 messages
  • $10 Text package offers 2,500 messages
  • $15 Text package offers unlimited messages


Currently if you do not have a plan, and send and receive 20 messages per month, you would not benefit from a text plan, as the cost of the add-on would be the same as the pay-per-use charges.


Under the new fees, this would mean that users could send and receive only 15 messages, before cost would increase above the price of the $3 add-on.


Users with a text plan, or texting included with a value pack need to consider their outgoing messages (as incoming messages are still included).  If you have the $3 add-on, just 10 additional sent messages (40 total) would cost the same as increasing to a $5 add-on which offers 250 sent messages.  Similarly, just 25 messages above the 250 limit on that bundle would be the same cost at having the $10 add-on, and 25 messages above the 2,500 limit would justify adding the unlimited add-on.


When looking at your mobile telephone service, be aware of your usage and make sure you are covered before the increase takes effect for Rogers customers on March 16.


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