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Using Tele-Watch Can Make Everyone’s Life a Little Easier.

The rapidly changing business environment puts mobile expenses as one of the most widely used, and under managed resources in the workplace today.


What is Tele-Watch?
Essentially a One Stop reporting software to monitor mobile billing.
Billing is displayed in one consistent format regardless of carrier or account making it easier to understand.


Why should you use Tele-Watch to manage your mobile billing?
The quick and the most important answer… $AVE $$$
How do you currently manage your mobile expenses?

  • Do you currently have one person or department flipping through hundreds of pages of billing, and trying to extract relevant information?
  • Are spreadsheets being meticulously plotted and pored over each month?
  • How is this information relayed to the applicable managers or users?

Using Tele-Watch reporting software can make everyone’s life a little easier.
Who manages your mobile expenses?

  • Is there a “bean counter’ that has billing under lock and key over concerns of confidentiality?
  • Do managers and users have to jump through hoops if they want to see billing or a report on mobile expenses?

Having one person managing the company’s expenses may not provide the best representation, or understanding of the uses and direction of your mobile communications.
All users and managers sharing the responsibility of monitoring mobile billing is the best way to be proactive in cost management.
Where are mobile details accessed?

  • Are users aware of the features available with their plans, so they are able to take advantage of them?
  • Are they able to see their usage?
  • Are they able to identify improper billing, or erroneous charges?

Tele-Watch stores your data securely in the cloud.  When you assign access to your users, they can access their information from any computer, anywhere.
Allowing users to see their own usage, and trends will allow them to determine their best practices.
Having the right tools will help you to stay on top of your wireless expense management.


To learn more about Tele-Watch a Communications Management Software and how you and your organization may be able to save Money, Time and Resources in the process; visit us at or sign up for a FREE TRIAL – you have nothing to lose!