Travel Pack Combos

What’s In Your Travel Pack Combo?

As the Cellular Carriers continue to tweak their mobile plan offerings, one thing they are selling a lot of  is the Travel Pack Combos for travellers going to the US from Canada.

These combos offer Voice and Texting, Voice and Data, or Voice, Texting and Data allowances, at reduced rates.


But are these offerings the best option? 


That will obviously depend on your usage, but what I have generally found when being given a predetermined amount of minutes, the corresponding data or text allotment will either be insufficient, resulting in more charges for exceeded usage, or they grossly exceed your needs.


This means more of your money is going into your mobile service provider’s pocket.


  • If you are unsure of what your usage will be, see if your carrier’s have Saver Options which will not restrict you to a limited allotment, and offer great rates – just ask your cellular customer service rep for details.
  • Make sure you account for usage of voice, data and texting if you believe you will use them, as the pay-per-use charges may not be pleasant if you do nothing.


Don’t get me wrong… these Cellular Plan travel pack combos may be of benefit to many mobile device users, but are you sure you are one of them?


Having the right information can make managing your Communications so much Easier!

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