Travel Saver Options

Mobile Plan Management with Travel Saver Options

Business trips are nothing new, and have long been a part of how we do business.  Cell phones have become an integral part of our business too… but these two realities of business when combined have for too long been a huge expense with few options for relief.


Large company’s with fleets of employees travelling around the world on their behalf  have had to pay upwards of $4 per minute for using their phone when outside of their country. Bills for upwards of $1,500 would not be uncommon for making and receiving calls while travelling.


The options to save money only reduced costs marginally, and required someone to call and sit on hold with the carrier to both add and remove a roaming bundle, making sure that coverage was for the appropriate destination, and that enough minutes were added to keep costs down. While these efforts did reduce roaming expenses, it always seemed like the carriers could & should do more….


It started in Canada with Telus; they decided to offer a feature that charged a set, low monthly rate, which then provides a reduced rate for all roaming calls made.  This meant for a $20 monthly fee users would only be charged $0.25/ minute for calls made while in the US.  The flaw of the Telus offering is that there are packages to be added based on about 10 different geographic regions.  This still means possibly having to add several savers to accommodate one trip.


Finally! Rogers has fallen in line with what Telus started offering a while ago… and I say its about time.  The difference is that I think Rogers got it more right. Their new travel savers have just 3 simple and logical options: travelling to the US, travelling anywhere but the US, or travelling anywhere.


The savers reduce the per minute roaming rate as follows:

United States 35 ¢
Europe $1.00
Caribbean & Latin America $1.25
Oceania, Asia & Middle East $1.50
Africa $1.75


The great thing about this offering is that at $20/month it becomes a very easy, inexpensive option to add to units who might travel at various times throughout the year to many different destinations,  and forget about it.  It will add the security of knowing that when a unit travels and no one does anything to plan,  the unit will still be getting the best rate available without paying an arm and leg for the privilege.


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