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Travelling Tips for you & your Smartphone!


Travelling is a big part of business these days, and let’s face it – none of us wants to be without our cellular phones.


Here are a few things that you may not have known about traveling with your phone, along with some helpful tips:

  • Check with your provider before travelling to make sure that your account allows for international travelling and add any applicable roaming features to your cell phone plan to reduce costs – most carriers offer cell phone plans for voice, data and text to reduce the roaming rates.
  • Toll Free numbers are NOT included – little known fact even if you have a roaming feature calls made to Toll Free numbers are not included and you will be charged the standard roaming rate for these calls.
  • Cruise Ships  – when on a cruise ship the standard roaming features also do not apply – you will be paying around $8.00 per minute! – wait to make your calls when you are in port.
  • Voice mail – When travelling internationally many carriers will charge you up to 3 times for a voice mail message – 1 time to have the call picked up by voice mail – 1 time to route the voice mail back home where it is stored and once again when you call into your voice mail to check the message – better to answer the incoming call and keep the call brief.
  • Japan and Korea – If you are travelling to Japan or Korea make sure that your cell phone is a 3G or 2100MHz frequency phone or it will not work!
  • Turn data off on your smartphone if it is not needed  – data roaming charges are expensive and hard to judge how much you are using

Here are a few things to refrain from while travelling internationally with your Cell Phone or Data Device:

  • Video messaging – approximate cost $7.50 per message
  • Playing games – approximate cost $9.00 per game
  • Radio on demand approximate cost $20.00 per minute
  • Video on demand approximate cost $39.00 per minute
  • Video clips approximate cost $76.00 per clip


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