Understanding the Mobile Year Summary Report

The Mobile Year Summary Report by Tele-Watch – A Time Saving Tool!

How frustrating is it to sit at your desk surrounded by months and months and months of bills, trying to find one specific user, on hundreds or maybe even thousands of pages of bills?


It’s a literal mobile bill needle in the haystack adventure. And lets face it, mobile bills aren’t always the easiest to understand, so once you finally find what you are looking for, you end up staring blankly at it for a while before throwing your hands up in frustration.


Enter the Mobile Year Summary Report by Tele-Watch!


This report is a handy and useful report, particular for monitoring your own , or a specific users usage.

At a glance, it offers a summary of an entire years worth of bills for one specific user. This makes a general month by month comparison easy (it’s all on one screen!) and it saves you finding and dragging out a years worth of bills (or worse: putting them all away!  agh). Best of all it’s really easy to find once you are logged into Tele-Watch.


You can find the report by searching, by name or by number. Then just click on the name, and voila, you are there.


OK, you are thinking, I can see this report, now what is it telling me?


At the top, it summarizes what you have on your bill for the chosen month (you can change it at the top!). You can see what carrier the user is with, the specific account, what plan they are on, and what features they get for free and what features they are paying for. Although the descriptions offer little in the way of details, it is great tool for reference.


Directly beneath this summary is the meat of this report:  A break down of each months billing for a 12 month period. While the entire table is chock full and a highly useful source of information, there are a few key places to look.


  • Air time usage: The first 5 rows at the top of the table give you a summary of the minutes used per month. It also breaks down the usage in terms of the type of minute ( day time minutes, evenings and weekends, total minutes, etc) This is handy if you are trying to monitor a specific users usage. Maybe you want to see when they are using the majority of his minutes. Perhaps it is a work phone, and there shouldn’t be much in the way of evenings or weekend minutes. Maybe you’ve had reports that it always goes to voice-mail on the phone, and you want to check the usage to see how much they use the phone. This report is a great resource for these kinds of inquiries.


  • Data: The next row, shows how much data ( in MB) the user has used in a particular month. Like the airtime usage, this is a great resource if you are trying to monitor how much data a person is using.  Perhaps you are getting alerts on high usage for a particular number. This allows you to see how much data they have used over the course of the year. This summary allows you to see whether or not it is an isolated case, or whether it is becoming a trend.


  • Long Distance and Text Messaging: These sections are a bit different because they show the usage  outside  of any plans that may be on the users line.  Say your user has a $25 long distance feature and has $20 in charges in the long distance row. The $20 reflects an overage charge outside of the plan, and the $25 feature is represented in the features line. This is the same for text messaging. This is great because it shows right away charges that aren’t included in your plan or in your features, and makes monitoring these types of features easy.


  • Roaming: Say you have a user who sometimes travels outside of the country and uses their phone. Chances are they would incur some roaming changes. Which you would see in this row ( directly below the Long Distance row). This is a bit different than the Long Distance and Text messaging Rows, because it includes the cost of any features you might have added. Say you added a $20 roaming feature. This charge would show up in the Roaming section along with any additional roaming charges there might have been.


And while all of this information is great and very useful, the reason you may have dug out all those bills to try and find this one user is to check their bill amount. Fortunately, at the bottom, it breaks down the charges with a sub-total, taxes and grand total.


Having the right tools will help you to stay on top of your Communications Management.


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