What To Do If You Lose Your Mobile Device

Oh No – You’ve LOST your Cell phone / Smartphone/ Internet Stick – Now What?


If you have just lost, misplaced or have had your Blackberry, iPhone, Smartphone, Internet Stick (or any mobile device) stolen – the very first thing you should do is PANIC!


No Really – Just Kidding – Don’t Panic!

Seriously – the very first thing you should do is:

** Call your Carrier – Call your Carrier – Call your Carrier! **

Your service provider or carrier’s customer service can help! When you call in you need to let your carrier know that your mobile device was lost or stolen and ask them to block ALL SERVICES on the account. That way the person that has picked up the device or has found your mobile handset will not be able to use any of your services or run up your bill.


Take note of the time that you called in your loss, and then also remember to get the client care representative’s Name and or Employee Number. This way, if there are charges on your bill after that time that you placed your call into the carrier, you then have some recourse to have credits applied to your account for usage that you did not personally incur.


Also when you call in to report your mobile device as stolen, you can ask the Representative to check your account to see if you are eligible for a Hardware Upgrade, as you will be needing a new unit now that yours is missing in action. If you qualify for an upgrade they will be able to let you know, if you don’t – then you need to ask what your options are to get a replacement unit.


Did you know that some wireless service providers offer Lost/ Stolen / Replacement Programs – if you ask, the cellular customer service representative should be able to provide you with details.


With any luck, your missing mobile device will turn up and you can call back into your service provider to have your services reinstated. Or if you qualified for an upgrade hopefully your new unit will be arriving soon!


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