What to do When You’re Not Eligible for an Upgrade.

Ineligible for Upgrade – 5 Tips to Reduced Cell Costs!


Is one of your fleet’s cellular phones broken, worn out, malfunctioning, or just completely not working?

Lets face it cell phones just do not seem to last the full -2 or 3 years of the contract – when you would normally be eligible for upgrade.

However – don’t despair. There are a few things that you can often try – so that you can avoid having to pay the full price of the replacement costs of new hardware.

  • Firstly – Check to see if your existing mobile device is still under warranty! Generally cellular hardware has a 1 year warranty from the date of Purchase, Activation, Upgrade or Replacement. Of course warranty replacement  is not an option for physical or water damage type issues – but it is still worth looking into for other issues.


  • Check your agreement – Some corporate agreements allow for upgrades earlier then the standard 2-3 years, it would be a clause written into your Cellular Corporate Agreement and is dependent on the size of your organization, and when your agreement was entered into.


  • Call your Carrier Customer Service Department – If the end user that is in need of new hardware is not eligible for an upgrade or their cell phone is not still under warranty, then have your cellular carrier check to see if any other cell phone numbers on the account are eligible for an upgrade. Sometimes you can use another mobile number in your fleet to get the needed new hardware for the discounted price – then just switch the new cell phone to the number you would like to use. ** NOTE ** Be careful if you are upgrading to a smartphone and if you are using another fleet member’s cell number for the upgrade. This unit will need to already have a data plan – otherwise you will be committing it to a 3 yr data plan while the data is not needed!  You need to know that the data plan is not transferable to another user.


  • Early Upgrade Options – Some cellular carriers offer an early upgrade option, where you pay an additional fee to upgrade your mobile device early. The fee is generally calculated on a per month basis – taking into account he number of remaining months on the contract or the number of months until you would be eligible for upgrade. Depending on what this fee is – it may also be cheaper than paying full price to replace the cell device!


  • Check with your Corporate Rep – If your fleet is under a Corporate agreement, you may have been assigned a Corporate Rep for your Mobile Account. So if  there are no other options available (if the suggestions above do not work out for you), you should try contacting your cellular carrier or your Mobile Corporate Rep and ask if there is anything that they might be able to do. There may be an exception that they can make on your account to allow for the upgrade and thus making your user qualify for the reduced hardware price.
Each Cellular provider has their own rules and regulations when dealing with Mobile Device hardware upgrades.
Be sure to know your options before making your final decision, this will help in keeping your cellular expenses down.
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