Who Should Watch Tele-Watch?

 Who’s Responsibility is it to Watch Tele-Watch?

Assigning one staff member to understand, monitor and maintain all your mobile phone activity and requirements can be an overwhelming and time consuming job, even with the greatest of software on your side.


A more realistic and proactive solution should give every user a share in the accountability, and responsibility of managing their costs by being aware of plans, included features and monitoring usage.


To that end, Tele-Watch has the ability to set up multiple users with different levels of access.  This allows you to control what each user can see and do, without showing potentially sensitive details.  Department heads and managers can be set up to see all units under their department regardless of carrier or account, and individuals can be set up to see just their own units.


To set up a new user go to ADMIN>Client Admin> User access
Select “New User”


Create Login ID and Password (both must be minimum of 6 characters)
When giving limited access to your staff, select User Type “User”
If the new user is to have access to all accounts then choose User Type “Admin”.



You can then select entire accounts, or specific phone numbers for which the user will have access, by checking the box beside each desired option.
Once completed select Submit to save changes.


Although ultimate responsibility has to fall onto one person’s desk, giving everyone the tools to take a share of personal responsibility for their wireless communications can lead to better wireless expense management, and improved performance for the whole company.


Do you and your team need a refresher on navigating Tele-Watch? Contact our ClientCare team for a brief tutorial to get you back on track.

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