Why You Should Read Your Cell Phone Bill

“From the Fence with JP”

Most people have a cell phone of some sort, (Blackberry, Smart Phone, iPhone, ordinary Mobile Phone) some people have more than one (debatable if they are considered lucky or unlucky). 


Mobiles have become the norm, an essential part of our daily lives. They are so common that many people not only take them for granted but also, may not bother to ensure they are getting value for their dollar.


How many people receive a gas bill or a hydro bill, look at the total with disgust but then simply pay it and resign them selves to the fact that it is a necessary evil? Mobile phone bills seem to be falling into that same category for many people, which is a shame because there is a good chance they are paying more than they should.


There are several reasons why you should conduct a regular Phone bill audit, either yourself, or by a Telecom Expense management company.


First, to ensure you are on a plan with features that accurately reflect your usage pattern. It makes little sense to have a voice plan that allows 250 minutes when you normally use 1000 minutes. Also, a paid feature that allows for unlimited text messaging, when you never text, makes no sense. It is also quite common for peoples usage patterns to change over time. 


Second, we have all heard the stories about carriers making mistakes on their bills. These are very real and occur with unfortunate regularity. Do not think for a minute that your carrier is actively reviewing your bill to find and correct these mistakes. If you are not finding them yourself, or having a Telecom Expense management company do it for you, then you are simply flushing hard earned money away.


So, what does all this mean? What can you do? There are some simple steps you should be taking on a regular (monthly) basis. You will find that after the first few months, the process will become easier. 

  1. Check you voice usage to see if there minute charges beyond the monthly allowed.
  2. Check you data usage to see if there overage charges beyond the monthly allowed.
  3. Review any features you are paying for and determine IF you actually need them.
  4. Look for any long distance and/or roaming charges. Sometimes these can be reduced or eliminated with advance planning

The number 1 consumer complaint with Mobile carriers across North America is – No surprise here – The Carriers bill.

Your mobile carrier is very good at:

  •     telling you how much you owe them

Your mobile carrier is NOT so good at:

  •     detailing the reasons for their charges – which can help you make adjustments
  •     providing details on your roaming
  •     providing details on your data usage
  •     providing trends and usage averages on the last 3 or 6 months
  •     explaining why you have extra charges on your “unlimited” plan

As you become more familiar with your carriers bill you will probably start to see charges that are incorrect – thus saving you money. You may also see that your usage patterns do not properly fit your current plan – changes could save you even more money.


Dont think of you mobile bill as ‘another’ gas bill. Start now and learn to use it to YOUR advantage – or have a Telecom Expense management company do it for you.


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