Wi-Fi Options for iPad

Your iPad and Wi-Fi Connections!

In your hands is a bright and shiny new iPad.


You are walking down the street and suddenly you realize that you are standing near a Wi-fi network.


What do you do?

  • Perhaps you opted for the cheaper Wi-Fi only iPad and want to connect.
  • Perhaps it is a network that you no longer want to connect to.
  • Or perhaps you sigh in frustration because you are sick of your iPad telling you about every available network you come across.

Whatever you are trying to do, here are some Wi-fi options for your iPad!


Connecting to a Wi-fi Network:

  • On your home screen, hit Settings
  • Then hit Wi-Fi
  • As your iPad looks for networks, they will show up on the page.
  • Tap the name of the network you would like to join
  • Enter the password when/if prompted

You have now joined the network. Your iPad will you show a little check mark  beside the name of the network, saying that you are connected.



Manually Connecting to a Network:

Perhaps there is a network nearby that you would like to join, however it is hidden. You will need to know the name of the network, the encryption type, and the password in order to join these types of networks.

  • On the Home screen hit Settings
  • Then go to Wi-Fi
  • The select Choose a Network, then Other
  • You should get a pop up

  • Enter the name of the Network
  • Then tap security. It will give you a list of encryption types. Make sure that you select the correct type, or you will no be able to connect.
  • Tap Other Network, and then enter the password when prompted.
  • Once everything is filled out, hit Join.

Join a Wi-Fi network with out being asked:

When your iPad detects a Wi-Fi network within range, it will likely ask you if you would like to join.  If you don’t want to be asked about these networks it’s easy to turn off.

  • Go to Settings,
  • Then to Wi-Fi
  • Then where it says Ask to Join Networks, slide to Off.

Your iPad will then automatically join the networks you have already joined before.



Deleting a Network:

Maybe while on a trip away from home, you joined a network and now that you are home you will never use this network again.  You want to Delete it!

  • From the home screen, go to Settings
  • Then Wi-Fi
  • Then tap on the arrow beside the network you are looking to delete. This will bring you to the Network Settings screen

  • Hit Forget This Network
  • Then, when you get the pop-up, hit Forget

And just like that the network is gone.


Whether you decided to stop and connect to the network, or changed your settings and carried on your merry way,  your iPad Wi-Fi options should never trouble you again.


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