Your Mobile Carrier Would Rather You NOT Know This!!

 "From the Fence with JP"

NEWS FLASH …. Carriers make mistakes! OK, so that’s not much of a news flash. Granted, everyone makes mistakes, but the frequency of errors on cell phone bills is shockingly high. 


Don’t think for a minute that the carrier will find these mistakes themselves and automatically correct them. If you do not identify the error and get it corrected yourself then you are potentially out of luck and out of $$!


Does your plan give you free minutes? Are you actually getting these free minutes? One of the most common mistakes made by carriers is charging for minutes that were supposed to be free.


Are you migrating to another carrier and were told of large cancellation fees? Read your contract carefully, as you may actually be allowed out without penalty depending on what changes were made by the carrier, but it will be up to you to inform the carrier of this.


The sales quota system is not designed to ensure the best interests of the customer are met. As a result you need to be careful of sales pitches, most wireless carriers have their sales people on quotas. This does not mean they are being dishonest, it just means their deal for you may not be what you really need.


Directory assistance charges (411). Why are you paying at least $1 per call and in some cases closer to $2 per, when there are many many FREE options available to you. I wont list the options here as they do tend to vary based on your location. Simply use Google to determine what options are available in your area and stop giving money to your carrier.


Are you trying to research plan options on the carriers web site. Most carriers have plans that are commonly NOT listed on their site – you will have to call the carrier, know what you want and be persistent and you might find a better option.


Mysterious roaming charges do occur and can be a result of a carrier mistake or an incorrect setting on your phone. Read your bill and contact your carrier if there are mistakes. Again, they will not call you when there are mistakes.


Rebates – carriers love them – why? Because everyone else hates them, they are a hassle every time, so many steps (in fine print), so much time required (months usually). The carrier hopes you simply forget about them – thus they get the benefit of the marketing without having to follow through with the cost.


These are just a few items that carriers would rather you not talk about. Bottom line, be an informed cell user. Have your fleet properly reviewed by a wireless expense management firm.


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